Full Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures are a great way of replacing permanent teeth that are missing or need to be extracted.  Dentures are inserted into the mouth and removed from the mouth by the patient.  In addition to replacement of natural teeth, they provide support for the cheeks and lips to give patients a confident, beautiful smile.

Full dentures are for patients that have had all of their teeth removed.  They are supported by gum tissue.

Partial dentures are made for patients who  have lost some of their teeth.  Partial dentures are supported by a metal or acrylic frame that is connected to the remaining teeth.  Advances in dental implant technology allow us to also use implants to help support full and partial dentures, and to keep them firmly in place.

The dentists at Lee Family Dentistry work with our denture patients to create individualized dentures that look natural and feel great.  We also stress the importance of continued dental examinations after denture placement, so that oral tissues can be monitored for any disease or change.