General/Restorative Dentistry

Based on the findings of your comprehensive exam, Drs. Lee and Davis may recommend one of several types of restorative dental procedures.  For all of these treatments, the doctors use high quality dental materials and accredited dental laboratories, integrating longterm durability with esthetics.  When choosing your restoration, they also take into account your occlusion (how your bite comes together).

Dental Restorations (Tooth fillings)

If decay is detected in your tooth or under your current filling, a new dental restoration may be needed.  This involves removal of the decay, and replacing it with a filling material that combines esthetics with longterm durability.

Dental Crowns

If your tooth has extensive decay, is broken, or has been treated previously with a root canal, a dental crown may be necessary.  A dental crown is placed overtop of your tooth to hold it together and keep it protected.  A crown is sometimes also placed over a dental implant. As with fillings, exceptional materials and techniques are used to ensure that your crown is both esthetic and functional.

Dental Bridges

If you are missing a tooth, the doctors may recommend a dental bridge.  A dental bridge is fabricated by combining two or more crowns with a false tooth that sits in the spot of the missing tooth.  The crowns in a bridge are supported either by natural teeth, or by dental implants.